5 things you should be doing to grow on Twitter

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If you're not doing this to grow on Twitter, you're missing out big time.

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When used strategically, Twitter can provide your social media strategy with a more personable and immediate content to help you establish and magnify your personality, your brand and build strategic relationships to help you grow your business or career.


Here are 5 things you should be doing to grow on Twitter


Use as a media outlet


Although it has network capabilities, Twitter is actually not a network, but rather a media platform. Unlike LinkedIn, you can follow someone who is not connected to you; and unlike Instagram and Facebook, it is not the norm for users to make their profiles private. This public nature of everyone’s feed makes it viral-prone; hence better suited for non-networked media campaigns and engagements.

Post links without hurting your reach


Facebook downgrades your posts if they contain links, especially non-facebook links. As you probably already know, the only link you get on Instagram is the one in your profile bio. On the other hand, Twitter lets you post tweets with or without links as many times as you like with no penalty. That means you can post links to your website, or anywhere you like without any restrictions or side-effect imposed by Twitter. As a matter of fact, links on Twitter could be a great tool to squeeze in more enticing call-to-action content as external links to your website (if Twitter or Open Graph tags are implemented) will open previews that include images/video and summary. Personally, I think any link without tags is not worth posting on Twitter.

Tip: Use https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator to preview how any link would look like once posted on Twitter.


Post as frequently as you want without hurting your reach


Although Instagram lets you post as many times as you please, every post has to be accompanied by a pic. How many insta-worth pics can you honestly produce a day? Besides, Instagram has a very fickle user base, hence there exists equally cosmetic Instagram etiquette rules, of which one of them dictates “thou shalt not post more than 3 times a day otherwise we’ll unfollow you.”

Facebook allows you to post as many times as you like a day, but the more you post, the less likely your followers are to see your posts.

Unlike both, Twitter is for the spontaneous and fans love surprises and suspense. Since you can post as many times and as frequently as you like, your tweets can be coordinated into a string of tweets (thread) telling the story of you as it unfolds each day. And you can be as creative as you like knowing that Twitter is not going to hold you back in sharing with your fans.


Cold network without being sneered upon.


As in the cliche, networking, both online and offline is an essential ingredient in the recipe for building a successful business. And Twitter is more suited for networking than Instagram, but less formal (more friendly) than LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can add people you “know” or connected to and is not very open to “cold” networking. On the other hand, Twitter not being a network, you can “mention” or “reply to” anyone regardless of whether you know or are connected to that person or not. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged to engage with people relevant to your business as that initiates conversations that help connect and build meaningful relationships with potential customers or clients. It is these relationships that will help you grow your business.


Use advanced tools to help you grow on Twitter


While there is a lot of noise on Twitter (as there is on all social media), it doesn’t take a lot to stand out. As an open-source platform, there are way more useful third-party tools that can help you make your experience cost-effective, less-frustrating, less time consuming, and more effective. Such tools can help you with the following:

  • Laser-focus on the relevant audience and not waste resources on trolls, spam, bots or people that are just not your fans,
  • create and schedule content at optimal times so your fans can see it, as well as collaborate with your team, other complementary products/services or partner brands,
  • discover content by keywords (industry, location) or users so you can pinpoint opportunities, industry influencers and engage in conversations that matter to you,
  • monitor your name or brand such that you can take advantage of any positive public relations opportunity and quell negative ones before they damage your career, as well as keep up and engage with your fans and advocates talking about you,
  • track engagement and interactions on the posts you share, so you can see how your content is performing and opportunities for optimization.


FYI, I will be mentioning and recommending some of these tools as I discuss each related topic in this series.

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